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Uhlmann Sonnenschirme e.K. was founded by Mr. Herbert Uhlmann in 1994, and the company soon established itself on the European market as leading manufacturer of large commercial umbrellas and specialty giant umbrellas. The commitment continues to uphold the principles that made the Uhlmann products such a success.

Use of highest quality materials, simple but elegant design, precision engineering and individual attention to details throughout the manufacturing process, these are the qualities that differentiate the Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas from all the others.

Giant Umbrellas - Canopy
Uhlmann Patio Umbrellas - Highest Quality
Giant Umbrellas - Frames

We manufacture over 2000 umbrellas a year in over one hundred sizes in six type variations. There is an Uhlmann umbrella for every "hard to fit place", and we work with our customers to achieve the best possible solution for their location and requirement.

StrongWind Umbrellas by Uhlmann
StrongWind Umbrellas by Uhlmann
StrongWind Umbrellas by Uhlmann
Cantilever Umbrellas by Uhlmann

We are also working with architects and designers to serve their clientele's unique requirements. The "Metropolitan Umbrellas" were designed by the Spatial Affairs Bureau for the 5th Avenue Plaza of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, - and proudly manufactured by Uhlmann Umbrellas.

We offer excellent business opportunity to qualified dealers/distributors in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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Uhlmann Sonnenschirme e.K.
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We are committed to provide our customers with the best products, at the best prices and with the best service.

Our umbrellas are custom made to satisfy our customers' highest expectation and varied requirements.