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The Mechanics of the Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas  -  The Quality is in the Details

All Uhlmann umbrellas are telescopic, - the entire frame is raised when the umbrella is closed and lowered when it is open. The state of the art maintenance free gear box (that is enclosed in the mast) rotates the special spindle lift that moves the telescopic part. The telescopic part moves on high density plastic bearing, and is guided to prevent rotation and twisting.

Giant Umbrellas - Type T - Fixed Hub

Types T/TS/TSX/TX Umbrellas

These models operate with a fixed hub. The roof arms are attached individually to the telescopic plate and each supporting arm is affixed to the mast plate. The mast plate is welded to the mast.

Giant Umbrellas - Type TL/TLX - Movable Hub

Types TL/TLX

The Giant Umbrellas operate with a slider mechanism in addition to the telescope. (Moving hub.) The slider is connected to the telescope with two stainless steel cables.

Giant Umbrellas - Cantilever Umbrellas

Type SP (SidePost)

Our cantilever umbrellas are built with the highest level of engineering. Its unique seven arm telescopic technology combines strength and beauty, and gives it a sleek profile open or closed.

Technical Details - Drive

Giant Umbrellas - Driving Mechanism

The tried and true manual crank handle drive is very dependable and allows for easy operation.

To assure perfect safety, the crank handle locks the spindles automatically in every opening/closing position to prevent accidental opening or closing of the umbrella.

The crank handle is removable for safety and for aesthetic reasons.


Giant Umbrellas - Driving Mechanism

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